About Us

Our Strategy

Our company structure and advancement process also align with our disdain of the status quo. All new employees are hired into an entry-level role and advancement is based solely on merit. We care about results and believe that leadership is based on actions. Simply just being with a company for a prolonged time frame is not enough to get ahead. We promote strictly from within to ensure we continuously reward our loyal teammates with upward mobility, rather than hire outside management. As a rapidly growing company, we pride ourselves in working with individuals with impeccable work ethic, an outstanding student mentality, and a relentlessly positive attitude.

Our Services


Putting an emphasis on quality acquisition and exceptional training. 3Wave Inc. focuses on finding out what customers truly need to preserve the reputation of our clients and ensure long-term, sustainable growth.


Focusing on the direct marketing and consultative sales process we can create a tailored customer experience that encourages long-term loyalty and a positive company image.


Our ability to represent clients in a variety of settings, make us extremely attractive. Our adaptability allows us to produce results for clients not only when they want them, but where they want them.


Is this sales?

Absolutely! We expose all team members to sales because they must know how to drive revenue for the client.

Do you go door to door?

No, we are working strictly with business owners on our B2B campaign or with customers in our retail stores.

What does a typical day look like?

Our days are broken into two parts, training and sales. We report to the office every morning and run a series of meeting that prepare us for the day. All members are partnered up and use the afternoon as a time to follow up directly with customers.

What's the compensation?

We have multiple compensation structures that include commission, hourly, and base + commission structures.

What prior experience or education is required?

We require 2-3 years of applicable experience dealing with customers and/or an Associate’s Degree. However, what’s most important to us is the values and character of an individual.