3Wave Inc.

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What we do simplified:

Here at 3Wave Inc. we understand the value of the human connection. Business was founded with the simple act of a handshake, and we feel obligated to pursue growth by the same means. Our time tested systems for new customer acquisition are anchored by an understanding of a timeless principle: a personal relationship is most important when establishing trust between client and consumer. This understanding has allowed us to build waves of momentum within a dynamic field. It is for this reason we have been able to attract industry leading clientele, who have an insatiable appetite for new customers. Our face to face approach partnered with our ability to stick to the fundamentals is the reason for our success.

At 3 Wave inc. we generate new business for our clients strictly through a direct, face-to-face approach, with adaptability to represent our clients in Business to Business and Retail markets. As a result of our high success rate we now represent top brands in the telecommunication and energy consulting industries

Our Mindset

Due to the ever-evolving nature of business, 3Wave Inc. has decided to take a different approach. We do not believe the traditional 9-5 corporate model developed nearly 100 years ago fits the ideals of the new millennial generation. For some, the term millennial comes with a negative connotation, for 3Wave Inc. it is associated for the need to create a progressive, and more efficient approach. Millennials seek more room for creativity, control, and freedom within the work place. As a result, we take an entrepreneurial approach and expose our team members to all aspects and challenges of running a successful company. We do this by cross training, too maximize the value an individual brings to our company. This approach creates multiple wins. First off, the team member gets to find their niche and thrive in an environment where they feel comfortable. Secondly, this creates a better result for client and customer.

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